Strategic Implementation Partner for the Implementation of Organisational Design at BCP Council

Publication reference: 2021/S 000-007306
Publication date: 8 April 2021

F03: Contract award notice

Section one: Contracting authority

one.1) Name and addresses

Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council

Town Hall, Bourne Avenue




Strategic Procurement Team



United Kingdom

NUTS code

UKK2 - Dorset and Somerset

Internet address(es)
Main address

Buyer's address

one.4) Type of the contracting authority

Regional or local authority

one.5) Main activity

General public services

Section two: Object

two.1) Scope of the procurement

two.1.1) Title

Strategic Implementation Partner for the Implementation of Organisational Design at BCP Council

Reference number


two.1.2) Main CPV code
  • 79000000 - Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
two.1.3) Type of contract


two.1.4) Short description

The Council has entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) with a single provider (‘the Supplier’) as a Strategic Implementation Partner (SIP) by which the SIP will develop works packages as recommendations to support in the implementation of BCP Council’s Organisational Design Model.

The potential value of the Strategic Partnership Agreement contract will be up to GBP 18 million.

two.1.6) Information about lots

This contract is divided into lots: No

two.1.7) Total value of the procurement (excluding VAT)

Value excluding VAT: £18,000,000

two.2) Description

two.2.2) Additional CPV code(s)
  • 73000000 - Research and development services and related consultancy services
  • 79000000 - Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
  • 72200000 - Software programming and consultancy services
  • 79100000 - Legal services
  • 75100000 - Administration services
  • 79400000 - Business and management consultancy and related services
  • 72130000 - Computer-site planning consultancy services
  • 72220000 - Systems and technical consultancy services
  • 72120000 - Hardware disaster-recovery consultancy services
  • 79410000 - Business and management consultancy services
  • 79140000 - Legal advisory and information services
  • 79310000 - Market research services
  • 79620000 - Supply services of personnel including temporary staff
  • 79340000 - Advertising and marketing services
  • 72150000 - Computer audit consultancy and hardware consultancy services
  • 66171000 - Financial consultancy services
  • 72221000 - Business analysis consultancy services
  • 72224000 - Project management consultancy services
  • 72251000 - Disaster recovery services
  • 72316000 - Data analysis services
  • 79211000 - Accounting services
  • 79411000 - General management consultancy services
  • 79413000 - Marketing management consultancy services
  • 79419000 - Evaluation consultancy services
  • 72222000 - Information systems or technology strategic review and planning services
  • 72227000 - Software integration consultancy services
  • 72228000 - Hardware integration consultancy services
  • 72246000 - Systems consultancy services
  • 79414000 - Human resources management consultancy services
  • 79996000 - Business organisation services
  • 72223000 - Information technology requirements review services
  • 72266000 - Software consultancy services
  • 79313000 - Performance review services
  • 79412000 - Financial management consultancy services
  • 79418000 - Procurement consultancy services
  • 79421000 - Project-management services other than for construction work
  • 71314200 - Energy-management services
  • 72224100 - System implementation planning services
  • 72222100 - Information systems or technology strategic review services
  • 72222200 - Information systems or technology planning services
  • 79212500 - Accounting review services
  • 79411100 - Business development consultancy services
  • 79416200 - Public relations consultancy services
two.2.3) Place of performance
NUTS codes

UKK2 - Dorset and Somerset

two.2.4) Description of the procurement

Following legal formation on 1 April 2019, BCP Council has been successfully balancing the need to integrate teams and ways of working with the need to maintain service standards. However, throughout the local government reorganisation process there has always been a clear recognition that a more fundamental transformation is required to fully realise the opportunities that local government reorganisation can bring, as well as remove the complexity, duplication and therefore cost of the operating model that BCP Council has inherited as a result of the way that it came into being.

The Council commissioned support in May 2019 to:

— articulate and outline opportunities for transforming the Council;

— undertake activity analysis on current Council activity to understand costs and working practices;

— provide options for the future of BCP Council including operating model, ways of working and technology architecture and identify a recommended operating model design and develop a high-level implementation approach.

The Council now intends to deliver the implementation of the organisational design outlined from this work. The Council has procured a Strategic Implementation Partner (SIP) to provide services to support in the implementation of the organisational design model.

The SIP will be responsible for supporting the Council in business improvement changes and partnering with the Council to ensure the delivery of benefit realisation throughout the implementation of organisational design. The SIP will also support the Council in identifying the required technology to deliver the organisational design model.

As well as working with the Council to help identify the required technology, the SIP will also be able to support in the development and technical implementation of the identified technology solutions ensuring that the Council’s requirements are met by the technology (the technology required to deliver the organisational design model will be under separate third-party arrangement(s)).

As well as the need to undertake large scale transformation of its operating model, the Council must also undertake a fundamental review of its pay, grading, terms and conditions. While this work is outside the scope of this agreement, the Council understands that there will be significant inter-dependencies over the next several years between the two projects.

Under the Strategic Partnership Agreement, work packages will be commissioned by the Council to the SIP. These work packages will be agreed under a governance structure with the SIP and will be signed off by the Council’s governance that is set up under this Strategic Partnership Agreement contract. The Council does not guarantee any value under this Strategic Partnership Agreement contract. The SIP will need to be aware that the Council may not commission any work under this agreement and whilst the value of the Strategic Partnership Agreement contract has been set at the figure stated in V.2.4), this is not a guaranteed value.

The Council is intending two initial work packages through the Strategic Partnership Agreement. The first will be for the production of a strategic programme for the implementation of organisational design including the anticipated work packages required. The second will be a work package for the development of the technology options for the delivery of organisational design.

The supplier will need to be able to offer advice and/or delivery for management consultancy services, commercial consultancy services, technology implementation and project management consultancy services, strategic advice to senior stakeholders and additional resources to support Council capacity and capability.

two.2.5) Award criteria

Quality criterion - Name: Quality / Weighting: 80

Price - Weighting: 20

two.2.7) Duration of the contract, frame agreement or dynamic purchasing system
This contract is subject to renewal


two.2.10) Information about variants

Variants will be accepted: No

two.2.11) Information about options

Options: Yes

Description of options

The term of the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) will be for 4 years with the option to extend the SPA annually for a further 2 years. Therefore, if all extensions were taken, the full term of the SPA would be for 6 years.

two.2.13) Information about European Union Funds

The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: No

Section four. Procedure

four.1) Description

four.1.1) Type of procedure

Competitive procedure with negotiation

four.1.8) Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)

The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: Yes

four.2) Administrative information

four.2.1) Previous publication concerning this procedure

Notice number: 2020/S 195-473202

four.2.9) Information about termination of call for competition in the form of a prior information notice

The contracting authority will not award any further contracts based on the above prior information notice

Section five. Award of contract

Contract No


A contract/lot is awarded: Yes

five.2) Award of contract

five.2.1) Date of conclusion of the contract

8 April 2021

five.2.2) Information about tenders

Number of tenders received: 3

Number of tenders received from SMEs: 0

Number of tenders received from tenderers from other EU Member States: 0

Number of tenders received from tenderers from non-EU Member States: 0

Number of tenders received by electronic means: 3

The contract has been awarded to a group of economic operators: No

five.2.3) Name and address of the contractor


15 Canada Square


E14 5GL


United Kingdom

NUTS code

UKK2 - Dorset and Somerset

National registration number


The contractor is an SME


five.2.4) Information on value of contract/lot (excluding VAT)

Total value of the contract/lot: £18,000,000

five.2.5) Information about subcontracting

The contract is likely to be subcontracted

Value or proportion likely to be subcontracted to third parties

Proportion: 35 %

Section six. Complementary information

six.4) Procedures for review

six.4.1) Review body

High Courts of Justice

The Royal Court of Justice




United Kingdom

six.4.3) Review procedure
Precise information on deadline(s) for review procedures

In accordance with Regulation 86 (notices of decisions to award a contract), Regulation 87 (standstill period) and Regulations 91 (enforcement of duties through the Court) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended).